April 17, 2009

Peace of Mind

I did a bunch of soul searching today. :)

I had been really stressing out about going back to college!! I was going to major in Health and Exercise Science, and pursue chiropractic school. The more I thought about it, the more worried I got. I read all the crazy science classes I would have to take to just get in to chiropractic school, and I didn't know how I'd do it! SOMETHING would have to suffer... and it'd either be my family or my schoolwork. I was also not okay with the fact that we would have to move to Dallas for 3 years for chiropractic school! So as cool as it would have been to be a chiropractor, that isn't going to be for me.

So I thought about what I'd like to do. Something that wouldn't make my family life come second. And I found it! Early childhood education. Of course! I LOVE little kids... I love teaching kids! AND if I were a teacher I'd get summers off. Maybe I could get really lucky and teach at my kids' school! How awesome would that be!???

Now that I've made this decision, it feels like a heavy load has been lifted from my heart. Maybe because this is the decision God really wants me to make. I'm happy this is what I'm going to do, and now I'm actually EXCITED for this fall!! :)


MissPeachio said...

Go you! It's important to do something you love without reservations. I hope you will be Violet's teacher one day!


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