Meet My Family

Welcome to my blog!  My blog is my story.  I write about what I do, what I think, what I feel.  With five kids, I don't have the time to make things perfect for you... so you'll get the *real* me.  No fancy pro-looking pictures with perfect lighting.  No novels.  No in-depth studies, LOL. 

~It's my reality show on a blog~

About My Family:

Lauren- That's me! I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mom to five super funny kiddos. I'm a Christian.  I'm into all things natural health.  I enjoy pretty much everything. Blogging, reading blogs, exercise, cooking, football (GO SOONERS!), pretty much every other sport, doing outdoorsy stuff with my family... you name it!

Chris AKA Hubby- Haha well he doesn't look like that normally, that's just a cool pic that was taken of him at a wedding. :) He's your typical guy's guy... loves every sport, plays every sport... and he's a super awesome daddy to my babies. :)

Kaydence- Here's KK before her dance recital... about to do what she loves best!  She loves dance, and is currently in tap, ballet, and pom. She's an awesome t-ball player too.  :)

Laila- LaLa is our crazy one. She loves telling jokes and making people laugh.  She's definitely a daddy's girl. She also loves dance and she inherited the t-ball awesomeness gene too!  :)

Royce- Royce is our lone boy. And he's ALL boy. He is a total sweetheart! He's like his daddy, and loves ALL sports. If he can throw/hit/smash/swing/kick/punch it, he will definitely love it!

Maleah- Maleah is a total spunk!  She's a loving bully.  She'll be quick to lay the smack down on ya, but then give you a hug so you feel all better. ;)

Maya- Maya is our youngest. She is a sweetheart and already loves to 'talk'!  We call her "Mega Baby", because well... she's giant! :)


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