July 29, 2009

The Toothpaste Trick

I got Laila up from her nap today... to find her sitting in her bed, holding a red permanent marker. She had proudly scribbled all over her white wooden bunkbed. I have NO idea where she got that marker, but I digress...

I hoped maybe it would scrub off. I grabbed my all purpose cleaner and sprayed, and started scrubbing with a rag. It did not come off at all. So I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket, and searched for "Getting permanent marker off wood".

What popped up in the search results was using baking soda and whitening toothpaste. Luckily I have the Arm &Hammer whitening toothpaste with baking soda. :) I squirted it on, let it sit about 20 seconds, and then wiped it off. It TOTALLY took off ALL of the marker. I was amazed!!

I'm glad the kids still have a shiny white bunkbed... but now I'm kind of wondering what in the world kind of stuff am I putting in my mouth everyday??

July 21, 2009

Cute Boy

Me: Ohhhh come here Royce!! (I pick him up and give him a big hug) How did I make such a cute boy??

Kaydence: YOU didn't make a cute boy. GOD made a cute boy.

Me: Oh... well I guess you're right! How did God make such a smart girl?

Kaydence: Well He was thinking about a smart girl, and then He made a smart girl!


July 10, 2009

Healing Sore Throats

A few days ago, Kaydence started getting a sore throat. While on a softball trip recently, my hubby and sister were around a girl on the team with strep. My sister was coming down with it too, so I was worried Kaydence might be coming down with strep!

So what do I do? Ask my dad, who knows everything about natural health!

He brought me some grapefruit seed extract. I was to mix 20 drops with some grape juice, and have Kaydence gargle it, then swallow.

So it took FOREVER to get her to finally do it, but once she did, she was all better!

And no having to go to the doctor for strep! :)

You can also mix the GSE with water for a nose flushing, if you have a sinus infection. If you just get a bottle of GSE, it has lots of things you can use it for listed on the bottle!

July 9, 2009


Today Kaydence was sweeping the kitchen, and Laila was using the little hand broom and dustpan. Here was the conversation I heard:

Laila: Can I sweep up this pile now?
Kaydence: Sure.
Laila: Why did you say 'sure'?
Kaydence: Sure means yes!
Laila: Oh. Is that Spanish?
Kaydence: Nope.

Little things like that give me a good giggle all the time.

July 5, 2009

Coca Cola Cake

For Laila's birthday I baked a Coca Cola cake. It's YUMMMMY! Here's the recipe:

Coke Cake

1C Coke
1/2C oil
1 stick butter
3TBS cocoa
2C Sugar
2C flour
1/2 Tsp Salt
2 Eggs
1/2C Buttermilk
1tsp bkg Soda
1tsp Vanilla

In a saucepan bring Coke, oil, butter, and cocoa to a boil. Mix together sugar, flour, salt, and pour into liquid. Beat well. Add eggs, buttermilk, soda, and vanilla, Beat well. Pour into greased cake pan. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes.


1 stick butter
1/2 C cocoa
1/4 C Coke
3C powdered Sugar
1tsp vanilla
1/4C Hershey's syrup

Cream butter, add cocoa, vanilla, syrup, and Coke. Beat until smooth.
Add sugar a little at a time. Frost warm cake.


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