July 10, 2009

Healing Sore Throats

A few days ago, Kaydence started getting a sore throat. While on a softball trip recently, my hubby and sister were around a girl on the team with strep. My sister was coming down with it too, so I was worried Kaydence might be coming down with strep!

So what do I do? Ask my dad, who knows everything about natural health!

He brought me some grapefruit seed extract. I was to mix 20 drops with some grape juice, and have Kaydence gargle it, then swallow.

So it took FOREVER to get her to finally do it, but once she did, she was all better!

And no having to go to the doctor for strep! :)

You can also mix the GSE with water for a nose flushing, if you have a sinus infection. If you just get a bottle of GSE, it has lots of things you can use it for listed on the bottle!


Kat said...

I realize this post is months old, but I love GSE! It tastes worse than just about anything I can think of that I would willingly drink, but I used to drink it in my water just about every day to keep my vocal chords free of mucus and such. made a huge difference!


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