Media Kit

Business Info:
If you are a business (big or small!) and would like to be featured on my blog with a review and/or giveaway, you can contact me at . A blog giveaway is a great way to drive more people to your website or social media network (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc). I will post the giveaway on all the major sweepstakes sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. so as to drive the most amount of traffic to my blog and your company's website!
I also belong to quite a few message boards for moms that I will advertise the giveaways on!

Review/Giveaway Policy:

- Products sent to me for review will be thoroughly tested by me, my kids, and my husband! I will give an honest review. In the event that the product is not to my liking, I will communicate that to you the sponsor (and give suggestions for improvement) and you can decide whether or not you'd like me to proceed with the review on my blog. Hopefully that is a rare event, and I can get busy on writing a great review for you!

- All products sent to me will not be returned or used for giveaways.

- A second product can be offered by the sponsor for a giveaway. Please do not send the giveaway product to me. Winners of the blog giveaways will receive their prize directly from the sponsor.

- My reviews will include a thorough description of the company, product, with pictures from the sponsor and a few of my own pictures from testing the item out.

I currently do NOT charge any fees for reviews.


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