April 30, 2010

I'm a Sweeper!

Well guys I'm officially a "Sweeper".  That's what they call those of us who enter sweepstakes like crazy!!  :)

I think I first started in January.  I read a little thing on a blog about Sweetie's Sweeps and I checked it out.  I read her story about all the things she had won... TV's, vacations, cars, etc. and I was intrigued.  Being on a tight budget, I thought it would be nice to win a few extra things (that I normally would not buy!).  I tinkered around a little bit inconsistently and didn't win anything.  I finally buckled down in March and decided to "sweep" every day.

Chris would laugh at me while I spent an hour every night before bed entering sweeps and finding new sweeps.  The whole month of March I did not win A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  I still did not give up!  I told him that I would have to win SOMETHING at some point, and if I won something big, I was going to rub it in his face!  And ON his face! Literally!  Haha  :)

So April comes around and I finally win a Netflix movie download.  My first win!  I stayed committed to my sweeps every night, with 80-100 links saved in my Favorites tab.  April has been a winning month!  It's all small stuff, but they are mostly Instant Win Game wins.  Today, April 30, a lot of the big sweeps are ending... so hopefully I will hear some good news soon!

I kept a list of everything I have won, just to keep myself motivated.  Here is what I have won for the month of April:

- Netflix Movie Download
- Handmade glass cross from Desert Diva Designs (cute decor for my living room!!)
- Personalized Snapfish notebook (has my kids' cute pics on the front!)
- Met-Rx Fitness Guide
- No Nonsense socks
- Two packs of Dentyne gum (two separate wins)
- 2 coupons for King sized Reeses (two separate wins also)
- ADIDAS Pro Baskeball
- Mother's Day Brooch
- $5 Live Nation Cash
- Bouquet of Flowers
- Free Jar of Pace Salsa
- Free 29.5 oz can Juanita's Menudo

Those are my wins for April!  Hopefully I win a big sweep that ends tonight!  :)

April 22, 2010

JUST stay at home?

I catch myself saying it all the time. 

"So do you work?"
"No, I just stay at home."

I say it without thinking.  It's an easy answer for the small talk that I normally take part in with people I just meet. 

Do I work?  YESSSS!  I'm on call 24/7 and I hardly get to sit down at all until after 9 pm.  I have a SUPER rewarding job that will affect generations to come!

"I JUST stay at home" should really never come out of my mouth.  It gives a feeling of inadequacy and of no worth.  Like I do nothing.

The fact is I LOVE my job.  I would never want another job.  I make huge sacrifices for my job.  I get paid nothing for my job of choice, LOL.  But "they" always say to do something you love doing, and this is what I love doing.  I must make an effort to convey that next time I get to tell someone what I do for a living!  :)

"I get to stay with my kids and take care of them, and it's the greatest job ever!"

April 8, 2010

Oreo Balls

Oh my goodness these are SO yummy! Imagine the white chocolate covered Oreos, but instead of being crunchy in the middle (because the milk can't get to it! LOL), they are cake-like! Thank you to Rita for this recipe!! :)

1 package Oreos
8 oz cream cheese
1 bag white chocolate chips
Paraffin wax

Crush Oreos in food processor until they're very fine crumbles. Then mix with cream cheese. Roll into small truffle-sized balls. Chill until cold. (I stuck them in the freezer for 30 minutes)

Melt the white chocolate chips, and add a tiny bit of paraffin wax to help it set (optional). Dip oreo balls into chocolate, let set.



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