April 30, 2010

I'm a Sweeper!

Well guys I'm officially a "Sweeper".  That's what they call those of us who enter sweepstakes like crazy!!  :)

I think I first started in January.  I read a little thing on a blog about Sweetie's Sweeps and I checked it out.  I read her story about all the things she had won... TV's, vacations, cars, etc. and I was intrigued.  Being on a tight budget, I thought it would be nice to win a few extra things (that I normally would not buy!).  I tinkered around a little bit inconsistently and didn't win anything.  I finally buckled down in March and decided to "sweep" every day.

Chris would laugh at me while I spent an hour every night before bed entering sweeps and finding new sweeps.  The whole month of March I did not win A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  I still did not give up!  I told him that I would have to win SOMETHING at some point, and if I won something big, I was going to rub it in his face!  And ON his face! Literally!  Haha  :)

So April comes around and I finally win a Netflix movie download.  My first win!  I stayed committed to my sweeps every night, with 80-100 links saved in my Favorites tab.  April has been a winning month!  It's all small stuff, but they are mostly Instant Win Game wins.  Today, April 30, a lot of the big sweeps are ending... so hopefully I will hear some good news soon!

I kept a list of everything I have won, just to keep myself motivated.  Here is what I have won for the month of April:

- Netflix Movie Download
- Handmade glass cross from Desert Diva Designs (cute decor for my living room!!)
- Personalized Snapfish notebook (has my kids' cute pics on the front!)
- Met-Rx Fitness Guide
- No Nonsense socks
- Two packs of Dentyne gum (two separate wins)
- 2 coupons for King sized Reeses (two separate wins also)
- ADIDAS Pro Baskeball
- Mother's Day Brooch
- $5 Live Nation Cash
- Bouquet of Flowers
- Free Jar of Pace Salsa
- Free 29.5 oz can Juanita's Menudo

Those are my wins for April!  Hopefully I win a big sweep that ends tonight!  :)



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