August 22, 2011

Just Workin' On My Fitness


So I thought I would share my weight loss story, although this story is still being written. ;)

Back a short time ago, after my fourth baby Maleah, I got to my all time heaviest.  NO exercise, late night meals with my husband every. single. night.  This consisted of regular Fat Sandwich (and yes, the name tells you exactly what you're gonna get!) late night runs to 7-Eleven for chocolate donuts with chocolate milk, and I perfected my baking skills with some killer chocolate chip cookies and whatever else I craved.  It truly was disgusting!  When I finally decided to drop some weight, I took a 'before' picture... at my heaviest, 221 lbs.

(I sure know how to take a sad before picture, huh?  Haha)

So then I managed to get down to 206 before getting pregnant with a cute little critter named Maya.  I somehow only gained 15 lbs. during pregnancy, and popped out a 10 lb. 9 oz. monster.  So after about a week I was down to 196!

After months of being hugely pregnant and not being able to move, I was really itching to get some exercise!  At two weeks postpartum, I started walking.  I walked every night for a week, and then I jumped into Couch to 5K .  Let me tell you I was DYING after running for one minute!  But I stuck with it and made quick improvements!

About halfway through the Couch to 5k program, I starting lifting weights with a trainer three days a week.  That combined with a relatively healthy eating plan, I have gotten to


and then to


I have decided to take a picture whenever my weight ends in '0'.  So, 170, 160, 150, etc.  I will update when I have a new picture! 

Stay tuned for weight loss tips, food ideas, and exactly *how* to fit in exercise when you have small children!  :)



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