March 18, 2011

Remembering the Man I Married

The end of my pregnancies are always hard.  

I'm cranky.

He's not getting much loving so he's cranky.

No one gets much loving because we're both cranky.

Ugly cycle.

The stresses of life build up sometimes.  And your spouse sees you at your worst.  I'm definitely married for life, but that doesn't automatically mean things are peaches and roses.

I once read somewhere that when times are tough, to try and remember the man you married.

Remember why you fell in love.

Of course I'll never forget the little skinny guy that thought he was so cool...  The one I met in jazz band in seventh grade... The boy that hated my Spice Girl shoes...

The man that chose to marry me and that I chose to marry. 

The one I vowed FOREVER to.

My big man that cuddled each of our sweet babies...

The man that my son thinks hung the moon...

So may I try to remember, that when I'm picking up his clothes or making another late night supper for him, or whatever else it may be, that I would have been GLAD to do it for the man I fell in love with. 

And he's still there, that man I fell in love with.



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