March 18, 2011

Here I Am!

Hello to the one or two readers I have left!  :)

Sorry I haven't blogged since OCTOBER.  I got a little burnt out on all things techy and took a break from most of it.  I will be pondering about what direction I want to take this blog. 

So here are a few updates, since October was awhile ago!

- We are having another baby!  SHE is due May 22.  My babies like to come late though, so she could very well be a June baby.  Pregnancy has gone very well with no problems, thankfully!

- My oldest two girls started t-ball.  We got them gloves a little over a week ago, and they're doing awesome!  Games should start sometime in April.  Now I begin the life of Chauffeur Mom!

- Kids are still saying super funny stuff.  Unfortunately I've only been posting it on Facebook.  I need to post here so I can have a better place to store their funny comments!

Well not too much has happened, LOL.  Sorry I'm so boring!  I'll try to update more often, promise! :)  Just had to start somewhere!


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