April 15, 2009

Bad Me

Blah I'm such a bad blogger... I don't have much time to update this thing! LOL

I put Maleah in the bouncy toy today and I'm happy to say she LIKES it! I can set her down for more than 5 minutes now! That is great news for my dirty house. :)

I went to advisement yesterday for COLLEGE- yes I'm going back- and that was interesting. I'm tired of having to go 500 different places to get things in order. First I had to go to 3 different buildings to change my major, then had to go another few places to figure out WHERE to get advised... then I get advised and the lady tells me I need to go to another building to take the Spanish placement test, and another building to meet with the pre-chiropractic advisor (which I didn't know they had!). My GOODNESS! Why can't there just be ONE person there that can get everything done for me at once!?? I have no idea how the freshman 15 exists when you have to walk 50 miles to get things in order to enroll!

Speaking of school, we also have a family interview at Kaydence's school tomorrow morning. I think it's mainly to make sure both parents are on board with the school's university model... meaning they only go to class 2 days a week. ;) I have NO interview clothes though. I don't want to show up in jeans, but I don't really want to wear a nice church dress either. LOL

Also tomorrow we'll be meeting my friend for lunch, and then that afternoon we'll be taking another giant 2-week grocery shopping trip... using coupons and finding the sales!! ;)

That's the happenings around here for this week!


Ashley Kate said...

How in the world are you raising 4 kids and taking care of a house AND going back to school?! I salute you! I don't even have children and sometimes I feel overwhelmed taking care of myself my animals and picking up after my hubby LOL!


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