April 13, 2009

Coupon Extraordinaire

In my attempts to be more frugal, I am learning to become a coupon master!!

Last night, for the first time in my life, I CUT OUT COUPONS!! My hubby kept getting annoyed at me, because I kept shouting out "YES! $3.00 off diapers!!", "YAY! We buy THIS sour cream!", and "OOO! I need buy one get one free on toothbrushes!!" I was getting very excited, LOL.

I am ready to see exactly how much I save this Thursday on my grocery trip. I hear the real experts match sales with coupons, and get things so cheap and even for free sometimes! I'm working on getting there. Ideally I'd like to cut our grocery spending in HALF. ;)

I also finished one thing off my spring cleaning list; the storage closet. I figured that would need to be cleaned first, so I can put stuff from other rooms in there!

Here is the closet before:

And after!


Jamie said...

Awesome Lauren!! :) I love coupon clipping. I get so excited every time I save money!!

Christina said...

Woo hoo on both coupons and your closet!!! :]


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