April 21, 2009

4 Under 4- The Differences

What's it like to have four kids under four??

I'm going to split the answer into a couple of blogs, because it's hard to sit down and write a long blog all at once. Someone will need me soon! :)

Each child brings along a new set of things. This is how it has gone for me:

Baby #1- Baby #1 is the biggest life changer. You go from no baby... getting to go places whenever you want, just running out the door when you decide, making plans easily, etc. to BABY! Everything you thought you knew is no longer. So many moms think, "I'll just have a baby and be back at work in 6 weeks, no problem!" Oh no, no, no!! You will discover a love never ever felt before, one that you couldn't even imagine, until you actually feel it for yourself. That cute, chubby, wrinkly little thing will change how you view EVERYTHING. It's very much a protective love... one that won't let you easily drop your baby off with anyone, let alone a daycare. You have to get used to the fact that you aren't as free as you used to be.

Baby #1 is also the experiment baby. You learn what to do and what not to do. What works and what doesn't. Every time Baby #1 would wake up at night, I'd turn on the lamp, change her diaper, and nurse her sitting up! No wonder I never slept! I'd pace the halls at night wondering why in the world she wouldn't go to sleep. Ah yes, you learn what NOT to do fairly quickly. :)

Baby #2- Baby #2 is easy! You've already learned what to do with the first. It's just adding another into the mix. No problems there!

Baby #3- Baby #3 is a different story. The workload seems to double, although you've only added one more. Things get busy, and it takes longer to bounce back after birth. Maybe it's because there are more children than arms, I'm not sure. #3 was the toughest for me.

Baby #4- After getting used to the busyness with 3, Baby #4 is not too difficult. By this time you can tune out crying and whining. :) Expect to take an hour to get ready to leave the house. I've been leaving the house A LOT less than I used to. It's time to get organized too.

Those are the differences with the babies, shortened for a quick blog read. :) Later I'll post on the good, the bad, and the ugly. LOL



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