April 7, 2009

Being Real #1- Moon Sand and Messy Rooms

After having a baby, I go into survival mode. This lasts about 6-8 months for me... which is how long it takes for my babies to be content by themselves during their awake hours!! Survival mode for me means I TRY to get the basics done... cooking meals, doing dishes, and doing laundry. Of course I still get behind on just that. :)

I went into the girls' room today and discovered they had snuck some Moon Sand in there. BAD ME for leaving it out!! So we had a project today... and that was cleaning their room.

Here is the very lovely BEFORE pic:

So we got to work. My 2 year old, Laila, helped by putting everything she could find in the wrong place. My 1 year old, Royce, helped by pulling everything OUT of the closet. My 4 year old, Kaydence, provided the music, singing, "Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up!!"

When we finally got the floor picked up, it was time to vacuum. Again, Kaydence provided the wonderful music, singing, "Roll over here! Roll over there! Roll over here! Roll over there!!"

Their room eventually got straightened up, and we were left with this:

And it'll be nice and clean until tomorrow. ;)


johnyzgurl said...

So true! But it looks great in the pic! :) I have one that sings too and insists mommy sings along. We had four under four (now five under 7) and boy were those some challenging and fun days!

Cute blog, btw!

Anonymous said...

Is your clean-up song from Dora? Sounds like the one that we sing!

Lauren said...

Yes I think it is the song from Dora! These days it's hard to tell if the songs are from TV, or just made up by her!! LOL


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