April 10, 2009

I'm So Glad I'm ME!

"I'm So Glad I'm Me" is a song Kaydence is singing and dancing to with her dance class for her recital this year. I think a lot of adults would benefit if they would actually say that themselves!!

There is SO MUCH comparison going on with adults, especially moms. You would think this would be outgrown once we left high school, but NOPE!

There are so many "mini-wars" being fought. Working vs. stay at home, bottle vs. breastfeeding, discipline issues, vaccinations, foods to eat, school choices, etc. This is silly!

You know what?? I know everything...I know the right choices... for MY family that is. I'll admit, I was narrow minded at first and thought that if someone did things differently, things would never work!! Now, I still do feel that way on a select few issues (but I won't say which, AND I would never let another mom know unless she specifically asked me). Sometimes moms HAVE to work, sometimes they CANNOT breastfeed, sometimes life HAPPENS and things must be done differently!

I'm all for bettering ourselves. But I DO NOT want someone to feel bad because they don't do as much as so-and-so, or don't have it all together like this person, or whatever. I bet you that person DOESN'T have it all together. ;)

I'll take a good look at my children, and think, "I'm glad they get along so well!" or "They are very good at sharing!" and be glad with what I'm doing. Then the next day I'll think, "This is too much whining!" or "I don't like this 'but Mommy' stuff!" and then I'll have to switch something up to fix things.

Do what you gotta do for your family. If things are working, then GREAT! If they are not, then switch it up! But never feel bad for not being like someone else. You never know what secret struggles they may be having.

Maybe we should stop watching TV or reading books with such high expectations. When I read about someone waking up at 5 am, keeping the house super clean, cooking every meal from scratch, and feeding the animals on the farm (LOL!), I just think that's great! For THEM. That wouldn't fly over here. I'd be a sleepwalking zombie! ;)

Not everyone can wake up at dawn... not everyone is a super great chef... no one knows everything about raising children. It's a learning process. If you want to change things or better yourself, which I'm sure most everyone does, pick things up here and there. Learn to cook ONE meal from scratch. Learn how to change ONE bad habit in your children. Wake up just 30 minutes earlier (if that's even an issue! Maybe you just run on a later schedule!! Hehehe). Go from there. Never feel bad for not doing everything perfect all at once (or EVER!).

I'm so glad I'm me, and I'll try and be the best me I can be, for ME! :)


MissPeachio said...

Lauren, after my recent blog post, what you wrote really speaks to me. Thank you for saying this to all the moms out there. We all need to hear it, especially the new moms.


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