April 23, 2009

Natural Health- Ear Infections

We don't do doctors. It would take a super long drawn out explanation WHY, but maybe you'll get it figured out over the course of whatever blogs I happen to write on natural health. ;)

The only thing we would go to the doctor for is a broken bone, or serious burn or cut (stitches). But pretty much anything medicine, I deem useless in the conventional medicine world. Thanks to my dad, who is very into natural health/healing, I have learned some good things!!

Today I will tell you what I know about ear infections. :)

First of all, antibiotics are BAD when overused, which happens A LOT in little children with recurrent ear infections! You can Google yourself the problems associated with too much antibiotic use, which include allergies, asthma, overgrowth of yeast, and overall bad immune system. Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria, but also kill the GOOD bacteria! I highly recommend giving your child probiotics if they have EVER taken antibiotics. Probiotics come in powdered form or flavored chewy form for the kiddos. :)

Ear infections are commonly caused by an allergy, usually cow's milk. (I'll write another blog soon on how BAD cow's milk is!) So you can try an elimination diet. A nursing baby can get dairy through your milk, so beware. It's also in many formulas. And if your child is chugging down the cow's milk after 1 year of age, I'll bet he'll be getting some ear infections!

So how to cure it?? A couple drops of garlic oil in the infected ear will do the trick. (And I just go ahead and do the other ear just to be safe!) DO NOT heat the oil though, that can cause burns. Do this every night before bed until your baby is all better (it usually only takes one or two nights). Oregano oil works too, but you cannot drop that directly in the ear. Put a couple drops on a cotton ball, twist the cotton ball up, put into the ear, and tape on overnight. You can get garlic oil and oregano oil at your health food store.

If the ear infection is truly a draining problem, a chiropractor can help. :)



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