April 20, 2009

4 months!

Today Maleah is 4 months old. This day marks a few new milestones.

First, Maleah is MOVING OUT! Moving out of our room, that is. :) It's always good in a way because the baby always sleeps so much better without any extra sounds. It's kind of bad for me though, because hubby will now want to watch TV in our room all night. After Maleah is in her own room, it'll only be a couple of weeks before she's on the same sleeping schedule as all the other kids. Yay!!

Maleah is also now trying solid foods! The only time I buy baby food jars is right now... just starting out. She's been eating it fairly well! Once she starts to pick it up, I'll make her food myself. I learned all that good baby food making from the book "Super Baby Food" which I highly recommend, except that I don't follow the vegetarian stuff or the cow's milk consumption after 1 year. ;)

Well I'm off to work on those bedrooms some more!


MissPeachio said...

Thanks for the tip on making baby food! I've been telling James from day 1 that I don't want her to have processed baby food. Now I can back up that statement with some facts!


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