September 1, 2009

School- At Home

Last week we completed our first week of school at school, and first week of school at home. :)

Here's Kaydence coloring:

Laila making a collage (she just glued on whatever random scraps she could manage to cut out, haha):

The girls at work!

It was a pretty easy week last week. I've been debating on whether or not to keep Kaydence where she is at to get more even with the Pre-K level, or keep pushing her on her own level. The real question is, do I want to keep things easy on me, or make it a little more difficult?
Her teacher sent home a sheet to review shapes. I pointed to a hexagon (knowing she knew the easier ones) and asked her what it was. She said, "Hexagon!" I asked her how did she know that... and she said, "It's because I know everything!" Haha I can definitely tell that child came from me. ;)



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