September 11, 2009

Lesson Planning!

While Chris is out of town tonight, I've been getting myself organized and put together, finally. Hehehe :)

I made out a M/W/F/Sa Schedule, and a T/TH Schedule (since Kaydence goes to school T/TH and it needs to be different!) I also made a chore chart for Kaydence and Laila... it's about time they started with some daily chores! I wish I knew how to put my schedules up here on my blog from Microsoft Word, but I haven't figured that out yet...

I also got to work on homeschool lesson planning for the next week. I decided to push Kaydence along from where we left off back in December when I had Maleah. So M/W/F she will be doing more difficult work along with what's assigned from her school. I also am starting Laila up on a few things. Here's a little of what's planned for next week:

For handwriting, we're finishing up her Handwriting Without Tears workbook.
For phonics, we are reviewing some of her Abeka and Hooked on Phonics readers, and introducing the first five words from the Wise Guide for Spelling on Monday, with a test on Friday. (We'll do 5 words every week)
For math, we're picking back up in our Singapore Kindergarten workbook B... but I might need to go back a little and review. We'll also review writing numbers 1-20.
For bible, we'll be going through Proverbs, corresponding to the day... so Monday the 14th we'll read Proverbs 14 and discuss.

For handwriting, she will be doing some print readiness worksheets from, and learning how to write an 'L'. (I like to teach them to write their name first!)
For phonics I'll be pulling out the Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD and she'll watch that T/TH while Kaydence is at school. She originally learned all the sounds a long time ago when Kaydence watched it, but it's since been forgotten. We'll also be going over alphabet flashcards. (If all goes well I plan to start reading with her next semester sometime)
For math, we'll be reviewing counting 1-10, working on recognition of numbers 1 and 2, and reviewing shapes and colors. I'm pretty sure she knows most of it, but I've never really sat down with her to make sure she knows everything like she should. :)
Bible will be the same as Kaydence.

That sounds like so much written out, but it's really not too much! I have my day scheduled so that all that school stuff is broken up throughout the day. Any mother of a preschooler knows that a little one has a hard time sitting still and concentrating on one thing for more than 30 minutes!! :)

Wish me luck next week!



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