August 25, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was Kaydence's first day of school. She handled it quite well. They have a short assembly first thing every morning, where she's supposed to go and sit with her class... she held on to me and refused to go in until a teacher came and led her to her seat. Then we went back to her class and she played with Play-Doh with a few kids, while kids at another table drew pictures and wrote their name. I peeked over at their drawings... it included nice scribbles, including scribbles for names. I asked Kaydence if she showed her teacher that she could write her name, and she said she just scribbled it like the other kids! Hahaha oh man...

She said she had fun for the most part, but she said, "We had SPICY Cheese-Its and we all had to drink lots of water!" and "There was a kid crying during rest time and I couldn't sleep!" She also said that her teacher talked a lot and they had to sit and that was "boring". You can tell she's never had to do that! :) It'll be good for her though, because in life you must learn to do things even if they're boring!

But luckily, since it's a school for homeschoolers... I get to teach her Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! There are a few things that are assigned for her to do... but other than that, I can add whatever I want. I do need to add some things that will keep her on her level. I think most of what she's assigned, I'll have Laila do also. Tomorrow we are fingerpainting, reading (Laila will be starting on recognizing letters and their sounds), handwriting, math, bible study... and that's probably it for tomorrow. Taking it easy on the first day at home!

Now I'm off to get the kitchen cleaned up so we can mess it up tomorrow! ;)



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