August 1, 2009

Being Thankful

Today Kaydence and I had a one-on-one lunch. We talked about lots of things... like starting school, making new friends, going back to school shopping, etc.

After lunch, we ran to the grocery store to grab a few things. As we were leaving, I said, "That lady is walking home with her shopping cart!"

Kaydence laughed and said, "Does she not have a car??"

I told her that maybe she didn't have a car.

Kaydence said, "I thought everyone had cars!"

So I explained that not everyone has a car. And Kaydence asked why. So I tell her how some people can't afford cars, or don't have a drivers license, or aren't able to drive for some reason.

She then asked why some people can't buy cars, and I explained that it costs a lot of money! I told her how some people don't have houses to live in, and in some parts of the world people are starving because they cannot even get food! Kaydence then asked why they just can't go to the grocery store. So I had to explain that too.

Kaydence then tells me, "Then why don't people just give those people some of their food??" I smiled at her innocent but correct idea. I told her that some people do try to help, but not everyone that is starving can be helped.

Then we started talking about people having no where to live, and she asks, "But what if they don't have a pool either!?"

Well we don't have a pool, so I guess we're just so deprived, LOL. :)

So I told her to be thankful for what she has. "A house to live in, a warm bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, food to eat, and a blanket to sniff!" (Said to her as she was smelling her blanket, haha)

Kaydence then tells me, "No one sniffs blankets!"

I said, "Yeah, you're just weird."



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