October 15, 2010


So I  have come to find that the more I relax with my girls' schooling, the more they actually learn.  This unschooling business may actually have a point to it! (Although we aren't unschoolers, LOL) 

This week we actually had an earthquake that we NOTICED (THAT has never happened in my 24 years living here!).  Guess what we spent the day learning about??  My kids had no idea what an earthquake was before that day.  Laila wondered why she couldn't SEE an earthquake.  She thought that if you could see a tornado, you could see an earthquake!  We spent a good hour watching various earthquake videos on the internet. :)

Today the kids were having a PB&J picnic outside, and they suddenly ran in screaming.  A bee had come to taste their sandwiches!  Then Laila asked "How do bees make honey?"  So we spent part of our day learning about bees.  (YouTube is handy like you wouldn't believe!!)

It's amazing what you can learn from life...  Questioning what's around you and researching it!  Their reading, writing, and arithmetic will come along... but some days you must stop to learn about more pertinent life situations, like "Are those hundreds of baby spiders on the back of the momma spider?"  Yiiiiiiikes! 



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