October 1, 2010

Have a Fever? That's GOOD!

Back to school season also means sicky season!  Coughs, sniffles, sore throats, and fevers abound.

Do you or your child have a fever?  GOOD!  That means your body is working correctly!  So many people have been taught to fear a fever... and reach for the Tylenol as soon as baby's temp is above 98.6.  Nevermind the fact that every now and then Tylenol gets recalled for various reasons.

A fever is the body's defense against illness.  It's natural and means your body is WORKING to eliminate those germs that are trying to take over your body!  Dr.Mercola has a great article about fevers HERE .  The article recommends not messing with a fever until it goes above 102.  (I personally wait until above 103, but that rarely happens).  This of course applies to normally healthy kids... not kids with past medical issues, which would of course would change how you deal with things.

I've heard a few moms swear by peppermint oil applied to the back of the neck to help bring a fever down.  (I haven't tried it yet because my kids haven't had a high enough fever to warrant intervention...)  Definitely something that can't hurt to try!  And definitely something that won't be on the news next week being recalled because who-knows-what was accidentally mixed in.

Take care of those sweet babies with plenty of water, rest, hugs and kisses! 



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