February 11, 2010

Lead By Example (And Hitting Myself In The Head!)

I've always been annoyed about how technology seems to drive families apart. You see families where the kids are staring into their phone all day, or Xbox, or TV, or whatever. Tonight I was reading through the archives of one of my most favorite blogs, and came across this post: http://www.generationcedar.com/main/2009/04/1962.html

And then I hit myself in the head. I AM one of those people on their phone all day. I'm checking Facebook, emails, texting, visiting random websites, all throughout the day! Whenever I have a spare moment, I pull out my phone (which is always in my back pocket). It has become a HORRIBLE habit. A habit that I do not want my children to have! But they see me doing it!

So I must start leading by example, and not pulling my phone out all the time. Maybe limit myself to once a day? Maybe put my phone up and limit myself to computer only (which I normally don't get to until late at night!). Either way, I will quit allowing my cell phone to become a distraction and become a wedge between my family and me!

SO MUCH falls on a mother's shoulders. Her example to her children is one of the biggest factors on how her children are raised. If I have high standards for my children, then I must go above and beyond to model those standards myself.



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