August 28, 2010

Go Bye-Bye?

EVERY MORNING I get Boo out of her bed.  I change her diaper and get her dressed, then set her in the floor to explore the world!  And EVERY MORNING Boo opens the top drawer of her changing table, which contains her shoes.  She reeeeeeeeeaches high up on her little tip-toes and grabs a pair of shoes.

She runs through the house carrying two shoes and of course her favorite pink blanket (that she goes NO WHERE without!)

"Mommy!  Shoes on!  Mommy!  Shoes on!  Mommy! Shoes on!"  a million times until I finally set her in my lap and put those shoes on her.

"Go bye-bye?" Boo asks me.

"No, we aren't going anywhere right now..." I tell her.

Then she looks at me with those big squishy cheeks and her bright blue eyes, and with the sweetest yet most disappointed tone, asks "Whyyyyyy?"


She'll make ya wanna pack up in the car and just go bye-bye for no reason!!  :)



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