June 21, 2009

Convos with the Kiddos

Kids sometimes say funny stuff. When they're young, they are honest no matter what, LOL. I thought I'd share a few convos.

Laila: Mommy I like you!!
Kaydence: I like you too!
Laila: But Royce does NOT like you.

For the past few days, we've been living at the pool and I haven't bothered to put on makeup. Today I got ready to go to church, and put on my makeup, and then went into the girls room....

Laila: MOMMMMMMY! You look beautiful! I can see your eyes!! It's like we have a new Mommy!

I guess I should always wear my makeup... haha

Making dinner tonight:
Me: You can have water with your meal.
Kaydence: Meal?? A meal is chicken nuggets with FRIES!
Me: NO a meal is like breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Hahaha... obviously I never use the word 'meal'.


ImperialElements said...

I love your kids sooooo much! My husband and I shared a good laugh at your expense. Sorry.


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